About Us

Summit Valuations, LLC, was founded in 2007 by seasoned real estate valuations veterans. What they envisioned, and what Summit delivers today, is the Summit Advantage: high-quality, residential and commercial property valuation, delivered quickly to clients in the format they demand, at competitive prices.

Summit takes quality seriously and provides the story behind each property’s value. While others tout their technological capabilities, Summit’s approach delivers a human touch by backing our people with systems, not the other way around. By instituting a human touch, we ensure all reports are reviewed by a human – avoiding limitations inherent in system-driven reviews.

Banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, originators and investors trust Summit to provide top-quality valuations so they can take an analytical approach to decision-making. In a market with continually shrinking margins coupled with additional market pressures, Summit partners with clients to pinpoint their specific needs and concerns with a comprehensive discovery process. The result is that Summit is better equipped to tailor instructions to vendors and target client needs. Summit’s unique reporting is designed to flow for easier, understanding offering more data, detail and a better overall customer experience.

Summit’s greatest strength lies in its flexibility and competency to be fluid in its approach to new ideas within a rapidly changing industry, whereas other firms tend to be set in their ways.

Summit maintains highly ethical standards as demonstrated by our dedication to maintaining strict client confidentiality, while sharing our detailed market knowledge to provide the highest quality valuations to clients.

Continually updating our technology platform ensures we meet the demands of our clients and facilitates innovation in our business practices. Summit provides clients with a SSAE 16, Type II environment, designed to meet the toughest security standards required by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA).

Summit’s client base continues to grow as a result of the Summit Advantage:

  • Attention to detail in every step of the valuations process, ensuring clients receive superior customer experience
  • Highly trained quality assurance specialists led by our expert and Chief Valuation Officer
  • Regular review meetings between Summit’s quality assurance team and clients to continually adapt to market conditions
  • High-touch, proactive and dedicated customer service

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