Our Approach


To maintain its reputation as the quality leader for real estate valuation, Summit employs a three step approach.

Step 1: Pre-qualify every potential vendor; choose only the best. Professional real estate appraisers are only eligible for our panel if they have relevant industry experience, a valid license, no history of disciplinary action and agree to our vendor scorecard. Every vendor is graded every time they are employed by Summit.

Step 2: Deliver quality valuations; check every one. Every professional who touches an order at Summit is dedicated to providing a thoughtful, high quality product that is delivered on time and to the highest possible level of accuracy. Even though we know that, we have appraiser-trained QA personnel hand review each report, checking every field.

Step 3: Create the best QA process; customize it for each client. Every Summit client is routinely visited by Mark Melikian, Summit’s Chief Valuation Officer, and Gary Ward, Summit’s Chief Appraiser. They then work with our team to ensure our quality control process is customized to meet the clients specific requirements.

No other company in the industry has a better process for delivering quality valuations. That’s why Summit has become the industry standard.