Quality Assurance


Summit Valuations provides each client with the highest quality report available in the industry by applying an innovative, multi-staged review process. The key to this process is our quality assurance team. Summit’s approach brings a human touch: people backed by systems rather than the other way around. By instituting a human review of all valuation reports, we are able to avoid some of the limitations inherent in system-driven reviews and provide the “story” behind each property’s value.

Our process begins with a thorough vetting of each vendor prior to being admitted to the Summit Valuations panel. We consider licensure history, professional experience and score each vendor on their ongoing ability to deliver thoughtful, quality valuation reports in a timely manner.

Next we make certain to capture each client’s specific requirements during our initial discovery and solution calls. By customizing the instructions to each vendor and providing our quality assurance team the specific instructions to review, every client is provided with a superior valuation report with which to make their final decision.

The end result of our extensive approach to quality assurance ensures each report provides you with meaningful and accurate data. Give us an opportunity to provide you with an experience that will exceed anything you’ve encountered with a previous provider. Contact us today.