SVR Product Line


Summit’s team of quality assurance experts use proprietary tools and multiple data sources (public records, MLS listing data and sales comparables) to arrive at a recommended value. Our SVR report is a desktop valuation service that may be completed as a stand-alone product, in conjunction with a current site inspection, or as a report that reconciles differences between multiple valuations on a property. To ensure valuation accuracy, every report is evaluated against independent research of MLS data and public record data. Summit reconciles any identified inconsistencies of the client supplied reports and considers their justification in arriving at a reconciled value. The end result is an assessment of each data element in the report and ultimately a confirmation of the most likely fair market value of the subject property.

This solution appeals to a wide variety of clients. From investors in the REO to rehab space to loan servicers and clients in the capital markets sector. The SVR is a great option if you are looking to accurately establish a value or reconcile a single, or multiple valuation reports.

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